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Gopher Indoor Striker Plus Lite Soccer Balls

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The best indoor, size 5, and lightweight soccer ball!

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This lighter version of the Indoor Striker™ Plus comes with the same foam-backed, soft microfiber cover but is 25% lighter, making it the perfect choice for beginning players. Its low-bounce technology allows for easier indoor handling. 

Lighter Option

Designed for indoor play, this ball comes in a lighter weight than our other microfiber suede-covered balls.  A lighter weight means less bounce and slower flight for greater control indoors.

A foam panel backing just under the cover enhances the soft feel upon impact so students are extremely comfortable playing with this ball.

While the sizes of the ball make it best suited for middle and high school students, the light weight makes it a great option for any age.

Quality Design

A hand-sewn cover provides more secure seams than most machine-stitched balls. As a result, the ball is able to stand up to long-lasting play even in institutional settings, where multiple players are using the ball on a consistent basis.

Its butyl bladder ensures better air retention so the ball keeps its form and playability for game after game. Other types of bladders, such as latex, require significantly more maintenance, but this ball is ready for play right away.

Options for Teachers

Choose multiple sizes and colors of this ball, available in Rainbow® Sets of 6 or individually in Optic Yellow. All of these colors which help players track the ball in flight and help teachers to split classes up into different groups for drills or activities. 

Each size (4 and 5) help teachers provide age- and size-appropriate ball options to their different student groups.

Gopher Indoor Striker™ Plus Lite Soccer Ball Options

Gopher Indoor Striker™ Plus Lite Soccer Balls are available in Rainbow® Sets of 6 or Individually in 2 sizes.


  • Rainbow® Sets
  • Individual Optic Yellow


  • Size 4
  • Size 5
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