Jaypro™ World Cup Anchors

Keep your soccer goals safely anchored without damaging the grass or turf!


Securely anchor your portable soccer goals during soccer games and practices! Soccer goal anchors provide a safer alternative than using sandbags or extra equipment to weigh the goal down. You’ll now be able to feel confident about the safety measures on your field with this stable, convenient solution!


  • Featuring a hard plastic shell, these anchors will not crack when filled with concrete, sand, or water.
  • Their molded tank style fits over any round or flat rear crossbar to provide counterweight to the goal and prevent tipping.
  • A stackable design makes these anchors easy to store right on top of each other for greater compactness.
  • A large carry handle makes it easy to grab and lift the anchors when you need to move the goal.
  • Overall, these are much safer than ground anchors as there is more weight and pressure being applied to the back bar.
  • Each anchor measures 14”L x 3/8” dia.

Jaypro™ World Cup Anchor Options

Jaypro™ World Cup Anchors are available in a set or individually.

  • Set of 4
  • Individual
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