KickShield™ Official Shin Guards

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Superior soccer shin guards that offer impact-protection and performance!

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The high-impact shell in these shin guards is reinforced with a thick padding that extends over the ankle strap for complete kick and slide tackle protection. The shin area features ventilation holes and a long-lasting Velcro® strap for comfort and reliability.

Excellent Protection

These shin guards not only protect the shin and ankle from slide tackles, but also absorb impact when contact with the ball is made. The extended length and ankle strap offer better protection than many other types of shin guards. Others do not cover as much of the shin and/or the ankle, which makes injuries more likely to occur. The ankle strap helps hold the guard in place. Without it, the guard slips around as students run on the field.

Superior Comfort

Ventilation holes located in the shin guard provide air flow to the leg for coolness and less sweat buildup. Foam backing ensures better absorption of sweat so players aren't running around with sweaty shins that make the guards slip around. The curved design of the shin guard makes for greater comfort, as it conforms to the shin. The lightweight and low-profile design allow players to easily run around the field without feeling restricted, while the ankle strap fastens on the back of the calf for better adjustability. Velcro® ensures the right fit every time.

Durable Construction

The hard plastic construction ensures long-lasting use, even after many games of high-intensity play. This makes these shin guards a great option for PE, where they will be used by multiple students, often several times in one day.

Premium ankle and shin strap are elastic and prevent overstretching of the material over time. The Velcro® on the stays secure and will not come apart or wear out over time, even after being put on and taken off many times.

KickShield™ Official Shin Guard Options

KickShield™ Official Shin Guards are available in Pairs in 2 sizes.

  • Junior, 7"L
  • Adult, 9"L
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