Mikasa® Futsal® Soccer Ball

Futsal ball stays in play longer and promotes ball control.


This popular futsal ball is smaller than an official-sized soccer ball and helps develop foot skills, reflexes, and agility. 

Designed for Futsal

Futsal can be described as soccer’s equivalent of arena football. It’s played indoors on a smaller, hard field or court using a low-bounce ball. The playing surface, ball, and rules all promote better player improvisation, creativity, and technique, as well as better ball control. 

While the ball was designed with futsal game play in mind, it can also be used for indoor soccer training and practice. 

Excellent Construction

A polyurethane cover helps the ball hold up in any setting, but is specifically designed for use on hardwood and other gym floors. The cushioned panels offer a softer impact with the ball, and the butyl bladder enhances its air and shape retention throughout long periods of play. Because it is a futsal ball, the bladder is filled with foam to help limit bouncing. 

Trackable Design

Available colors include a standard White or Yellow/Green/Red, the latter of which has been specifically made to enhance their trackability. Players will easily spot the balls flying through the air or rolling along the grass and be able to make adjustments to their play. 

Size 4 is slightly smaller than official size, which makes it perfect for play on a smaller court.

Mikasa® Futsal® Soccer Ball Options

Mikasa® Futsal® Soccer Balls are available Individually in 2 colors.

  • White
  • Yellow/Green/Red
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