Mikasa® La Estrella Plus™ Soccer Balls

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The toughest Mikasa® game soccer ball we carry has a thick casing for extra cushion.

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This ball’s soft, hand-stitched synthetic leather material makes it perfect for practice, camps, or clubs. This is the toughest and best Mikasa® ball in our collection, meaning it'll stand up to heavy group play for years, indoors or out!

Superior Surface

Polyurethane material is a defining feature of these balls and gives them a rubber-like quality that benefits students tremendously, while also remaining strong over years of extended wear and tear. Water-resistance leads to great ball handling even in damp outdoor conditions, meaning mitigated risk of damage to the ball or danger associated with slipping as students handle the ball itself. Because the surface is abrasion-resistant, graphics will stay looking good for a long time, which reflects well on your school or club.

Textured panels make for a more inviting control aspect on these balls, which leads to better fundamentals for developing athletes and mastery of skills for those advancing in their techniques. Better foot feel helps promote more coordinated dribbling, raised panels add accuracy to passing, and vibrant coloring helps promote better foot/eye coordination when shooting on goal.

Durable Design

A hand-sewn cover has stronger and more secure seams than machine stitched balls, and a water resistant nature that allows it to withstand game after game of outdoor play, even in tough environments. Clubs with outdoor practice facilities will benefit tremendously from the longevity of this design.

A heavily resilient polyurethane cover and butyl bladder are engineered to withstand heavy use, making for great for junior high and high school classes and practices. Non-marring and durable against even the most powerful kicks, balls will easily stand up heavy wear and tear that comes with daily practice, weekly games, and skill building across the entire team.

Great for Practice or Game Play

Sized for official league play, Size 5 balls contain an NFHS authenticating mark to show they're approved for match play at the high school level. Balls also come in Size 4, which means younger players can get used to the construction and feel of a serious game ball at a smaller size, to better help them develop their skills. Textured surface benefits younger players by giving them added grip and control, which help to develop dribbling and passing techniques.

Mikasa® La Estrella Plus™ Soccer Ball Options

Mikasa® La Estrella Plus™ Soccer Balls are available Individually in 2 sizes.

  • Size 4
  • Size 5, NFHS
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