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Performer Plus™ Hand-Sewn Rubber Soccer Balls

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Combines durability of rubber with the softness of a more expensive game-quality ball.

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A hand-sewn cover adds a tremendous level of flexibility and a more player-friendly feel, while the tough rubber on the ball delivers long-lasting performance on both pavement and grass. It's a high-performance, top-quality rubber soccer ball for a wide range of uses. This is the highest-quality, top-performing rubber ball we have to offer.

Industrial Construction

Specifically designed for park and rec programs, PE classes, and recess, this ball provides outstanding durability for repeated indoor and outdoor use. Included in the design is a high-quality waterproof rubber cover and the most durable cover material available, especially on asphalt. As a result, players can use the ball over and over again for long periods of use, even in the outdoor elements and on rough surfaces.

The butyl bladder ensures long-lasting shape and air retention, especially when compared to latex. Therefore, less maintenance is needed to keep the ball in great shape, and it's always ready for play.

Excellent Performance

This is our only rubber cover with stitched panels, which helps to provide a combination of the durability of rubber and the feel and performance of a traditional composite soccer ball.

The stitched panels found in this ball create channels that provide better ball control, which is similar to that found in composite soccer balls. Greater control and performance means a higher chance of success for players, as they can more easily improve their accuracy and get more responsiveness when kicking the ball.

Great for School Settings

The ball is available in both Size 4 and 5, making it a great choice for middle and high schools. Use the Rainbow® colors to easily separate students into different groups for activities and drills.

Performer Plus™ Hand-Sewn Rubber Soccer Ball Options

Performer Plus™ Hand-Sewn Rubber Soccer Balls are available in Rainbow® Sets of 6 or Individually in 2 sizes.


  • Rainbow® Sets
  • Individual Black/White


  • Size 4
  • Size 5
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