Performer™ Rubber Soccer Balls

Introductory Performer molded-rubber cover soccer ball stands up to play on any surface!


Need a ball that is great for any surface? The Performer™ Rubber Soccer Ball has been designed for the utmost durability for a variety of playing surfaces, giving your students some versatility for gym class and recess activities.

Built Tough

This ball has been designed for heavy-use situations in park and rec programs, PE classes, and recess, and it shows. Premium nylon windings on the interior promote better durability and shape retention.  Surrounded by those windings is a butyl bladder, which guarantees long-lasting shape and air retention. Students can simply pick up the ball and get started with their game right away without having to inflate it.

The ball’s rubber cover has a tacky feel that provides better grip and foot control while not letting in any of the elements. It is the most economical rubber ball we offer and a perfect entry-level selection.

Multiple Sizes

The ball comes in Size 3 for elementary students, Size 4 for middle schoolers, or Size 5 for high schoolers and up. This means even very young students will be able to develop their skills with a high-quality rubber ball, and eventually progress up to larger sizes.

Great Option for Teachers

These balls come in Rainbow® colors that allow for the easy separation of students into different drills and activities by color. 

The 10-Ball Sets come with our innovative and ultra-convenient VersaBag™ BackSack™, giving you a hands-free way to carry multiple soccer balls at once! Simply sling the bag over your shoulders like a backpack.

Performer™ Rubber Soccer Ball Options

Performer™ Rubber Soccer Balls are available in 3 sizes in Rainbow® Sets of 6, Individually, or in 10-Ball Sets with storage. Custom Logo in Rainbow® Sets of 6 or Individually are available here.


  • Rainbow® Sets
  • Individual Black/White

10-Ball Sets. Include 10 White Balls and a VersaBag™ BackSack™.


  • Size 3
  • Size 4
  • Size 5
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