Rainbow® EZ Shot™ Soccer Balls

Soft, velvety soccer ball trainers make every shot feel easy!


Get a ball that's 25% lighter than regulation balls, making it safer, more user-friendly, and easier to kick! The friendly, velvety cover and lighter weight makes it a great option for beginners who are just starting to develop their skills and need a ball that helps build their confidence.

Soft-Touch Velvety Cover

This trainer is an ideal, non-intimidating option for new players to soccer who are not ready for the hard impact associated with polyurethane-covered balls. Instead, this ball has a velvety, soft-to-the-touch cover that provides no sting upon contact. It has been designed with beginner and younger students in mind, and is the softest introductory ball we have to offer.

The Rainbow® colors help to liven up activities for younger students while making it easier for teachers to organize their classes into separate drills and activities.

Lighter, Friendly Weight

At 25% lighter than a standard soccer ball, combined with a soft cover, this ball is an extremely friendly option for beginning players who might otherwise be intimidated by harder, heavier balls. Less intimidation means greater confidence as young players work to develop their skills.

Ideal for Indoor Play

Due to the velvety, soft cover, the ball was only designed for indoor use. Therefore, it should be used for play on smooth, non-abrasive surfaces in a gym or large play area setting. 

Though the ball will not take the same sort of beating it does outdoors, it still has a butyl bladder that will provides consistent air and shape retention, especially when compared to latex bladders. No need to worry about EZ Shot™ losing air after a long day of rigorous use!

Rainbow® EZ Shot™ Soccer Ball Options

Rainbow® EZ Shot™ Soccer Balls are available in a Rainbow® Set of 6 or Individually. 

  • Rainbow® Set
  • Individual Black/White
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