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Rainbow® Intro-Sport™ Soccer Balls

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A durable trainer and a beginner soccer ball for kids all in one!

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Perfect for Young Players

Give your newer younger players who might tend to be more timid with a game ball a less intimidating option to start. While the ball may look like an official soccer ball, it has machine-stitched, thickly-cushioned panels that provide softer ball impact, making it a friendlier option overall for introducing young students to the game. With the ball's softer construction while maintaining official size and weight, it sets students up for a natural progression to an official soccer ball.


The durability and appearance of the cover resembles that found in game balls, but it still provides greater cushion for less sting. Thanks to its traditional cover, it holds up to use both indoors and out.

A butyl bladder ensures long-lasting air retention, especially when compared to latex bladders. This means students will be able to grab the ball and be ready to play right away without having to worry about inflating the ball.

Classroom Organization

The ball’s Rainbow® colors make for better classroom organization, while the 2 sizes allow teachers to split students up into drills based on age, skill, and size, or have the right size ball for different classes. Size 4 is a perfect option for younger students who are just beginning to progress their skills. Size 5 is great for junior high students and up who are looking for a more official feel.  Students can use each color for different drills, such as yellow for passing or blue for shooting.

Rainbow® Intro-Sport™ Soccer Ball Options

Rainbow® Intro-Sport™ Soccer Balls are available in Rainbow® Sets of 6 in 2 sizes.

  • Size 4
  • Size 5
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