Rainbow® Metallix™ Soccer Balls

Unique, durable covers are made to help these colorful soccer balls stand out!


This soccer ball’s foam-backed panels provide enhanced softness. Its colors are highly visible and create opportunities for instant organization.

Metallix™ Design

This is the only Metallix™ ball in our collection. The design is highly visible and flashy, adding excitement to drills and practices and making the ball easy to track while in the air.

The Rainbow® colors add an extra element of organization for teachers who need to split classes into different groups for activities.

Reliable Durability

The ball’s polyurethane cover provides resilience and durability against elements to make quality outdoor play possible at any time—it’s even water resistant! Coupled with a foam backing to enhance shape retention during kicking and fielding, this ball provides great cushion for less-intense impact and more controlled play.

A butyl bladder ensures maximum air retention for long-lasting play, especially when compared to latex bladders that require regular inflation. Consistent PSI also means less time spent maintaining balls before and after matches.

Perfect for Skill Development

Size 5 balls give athletes the feel and control of a regulation-size ball, to bridge the gap between practice and play.

Rainbow® Metallix™ Soccer Ball Options

Rainbow® Metallix™ Soccer Balls are available in Rainbow® Set of 6.

  • Size 5
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  • In Stock
  • Item No: 62-060
  • Unit: Set of 6
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