Rainbow® Supra™ Soccer Balls

Weighing 30% less than regulation balls, these lightweight soccer ball trainers are ideal for learning fundamentals.


Want a lighter, friendlier game ball option? This ball is exactly that, without having to sacrifice any durability. It is not as impactful as a standard game ball, but can still be used outdoors, for practice or game play. This is the most durable lightweight trainer we have to offer.

Great for Skill Development

A lighter weight makes it a great training option to help players develop their skills correctly and confidently. It is 30% lighter than a standard ball, which makes it less intimidating for young players who are just beginning to hone their skills. The lighter weight also helps to prevent stinging , which is especially important for goalies. They are better able to trap the ball with their body, arms, or legs while avoiding the sting. Made with beginners who will progress in mind, with a vinyl cover that replicates the feeling of a game ball without having the impact.

Durable Cover

The vinyl cover provides more durability than fabric covers and other trainers, and the nylon backing adds another layer of durability while still making it a softer, friendlier option for players than regulation balls. 

The butyl bladder provides better shape and air retention compared to balls with latex bladders so there's no worry of lumping or flat balls.  As the most durable lightweight trainer we have to offer, it can be used both indoors and out!

Great for Teachers

The ball comes in Rainbow® colors to help teachers better organize classes into different drills and activities. For example, blue balls could be shooting groups, while red balls could be passing groups.

It also comes in 2 sizes: Size 4, ideal for the youngest students who need a smaller ball for practice, and Size 5, the official size, which is geared toward junior high players and up. Two sizes make it easy for students to progress within the Supra™ Family before moving on to a regulation ball!

Rainbow® Supra™ Soccer Ball Options

Rainbow® Supra™ Soccer Balls are available in Rainbow® Sets of 6 in 2 sizes.

  • Size 4
  • Size 5
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