Rainbow® UltraPlush™ Soccer Balls

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Our softest polyurethane-covered soccer ball.

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Ultra-soft polyurethane panels and cushioned backing give this ball a friendly, non-intimidating feel to introduce kids to soccer fundamentals without fear. More comfortable handling allows for focus on the fundamentals, while its sturdy design holds up to frequent and heavy group play in institutional settings.

Perfect for Beginners

Beginners and intermediate players who are still timid during play due to the potential sting from the impact of a ball will appreciate the softer cover and cushioned panels unique to this design.

Aside from alleviating stinging and roughness, the polyurethane cover and cushioned backing also enhance handling, to create sound fundamentals when it comes to dribbling, passing, shooting, and more!

The smaller Size 4 is ideal for students who are still developing their skills and are not ready to move up to an official Size 5.

Excellent Durability

Even though these balls have a softer design, the polyurethane cover still allows them to take a beating and stand up to the elements during outdoor play.

A butyl bladder ensures constant and consistent air retention game after game, making it a low-maintenance option that doesn't hinder play. Superior air retention means this ball is ready to play when you are, cutting down on time spent checking PSI and reinflating.

Organization for Classes

The Rainbow® colors make it easy for teachers to split up classes into different drills and activities based on the colors of the ball.

Use Size 4 balls with younger students, or beginner and intermediate-level players. Size 5 balls are official size and weight, perfect for older students and or players with a little more experience.

Rainbow® UltraPlush™ Soccer Ball Options

Rainbow® UltraPlush™ Soccer Balls are available in Rainbow® Sets of 6 in 2 sizes.

  • Size 4
  • Size 5
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