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Screamin' Rubber Soccer Balls

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Molded-rubber introductory soccer ball for when durability is your goal!

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Get ready to bring a new level of excitement and fun to soccer for your younger, beginning students! They’re sure to love the outrageous, bright Screamin’ colors of these soccer balls. These bright colors make the ball easier to track during gameplay, leading to a greater likelihood of success for young students. They also give students an extra reason to be excited for gym class, as they are simply more fun than standard black and white balls! They also include premium nylon windings for enhanced durability.

Brightest Soccer Ball

This is the brightest soccer ball we have available, giving kids a fun color option that gets them excited to play. The ball is easy to see while flying through the air thanks to its outrageously bright orange and green colors. This means students never need to worry about losing track of the ball and getting hit, which makes games less intimidating.

Additionally, teachers can use these 2 zany colors to easily divide students into teams or groups for different activities, such as kicking and passing drills or target games. They might even add twists to normal soccer games. For example, they could throw in a second ball, and have that color of ball be able to be picked up for a certain amount of time by any player on the field.

High-Quality Design

Premium nylon windings enhance the durability and shape retention of this ball while protecting its butyl bladder. A rubber cover offers a tacky grip and better foot control, which helps students to achieve greater success as they work to develop their skills. Because of this ball’s durability, it has been used in many park and rec programs, Physical Education classes, and recess activities across the nation.

Screamin’ Rubber Soccer Ball Options

Screamin’ Rubber Soccer Balls are available in sets of 6, in 2 colors, and 2 sizes.

  • Colors
    • Screamin’ Orange®
    • Screamin’ Green®
  • Sizes
    • Size 4
    • Size 5