Gopher So-Low™ Soccer Balls

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Indoor sports balls designed to bounce So-Low, with the durability to last So-Long!

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The So-Low™ Soccer Ball feels like a game ball, but is significantly easier to control. Our only ball featuring low-bounce technology and a polyurethane cover is a great option for indoor soccer, beginners, or any situation in which less bounce is preferred. The foam-backed paneling adds a softer touch, but don’t be fooled by the softness — this ball can withstand routine use indoors or out!

Low-Bounce Technology

Futsal ball bladders are filled with foam to help limit bouncing. The sport is played on a hard court, unlike other forms of indoor soccer, which means balls cannot have too much liveliness, or players will easily lose control. Low-bounce technology balances out that liveliness in a way that leads to greater player success.

Futsal is a game that’s similar to soccer, played on a smaller field and usually indoors. It involves two teams of five, including a goalkeeper, with unlimited substitutions. The hard court surface is marked off by lines without walls or boards. It also uses a smaller ball with less bounce than regular soccer balls due to the surface of the field. The combination of surface, ball, and rules create an emphasis on improvisation, creativity, and technique as well as ball control and passing. This is our most economical ball designed for futsal and other low-bounce activities.

Durable Design

This ball’s polyurethane cover provides a softer touch with long-lasting durability. Its cushioned panels make for a softer impact, and the butyl bladder provides a longer period of air retention to prevent constant re-inflation.

Various Sizes and Colors

Available in Sizes 4 and 5, this ball allows teachers to give students the correct-sized ball for their skill level and age. Size 4 allows younger students to practice their skills with a less-intimidating ball option, while Size 5 gives more experienced players a more official feel.

Colors include Rainbow® colors and standard white, making classroom organization easier than ever.

Gopher So-Low™ Soccer Ball Options

Gopher So-Low™ Soccer Balls are available in Rainbow® Sets of 6 or Individually in 2 sizes.


  • Rainbow® Sets
  • Individual Black/White


  • Size 4
  • Size 5
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