SoftPlay™ Soccer Balls

Our only fabric-covered ball is also our softest and safest soccer ball for toddlers!


This ball features a polyester knit cover with a layer of cushioned foam and weighs 30% less than a regulation ball, taking the intimidation out of the game for beginners. Our only fabric-covered trainer and the lightest ball in our collection makes it perfect for introductory use with your youngest students!

Great for Beginners

A lighter weight, combined with the machine-stitched soft fabric panels (which are backed with a foam cushion) provide superior softness and makes students more confident and engaged in soccer training. This makes it easier for students to progress their skills and learn key soccer skills properly.  A great introductory ball, students can start off playing with it, get comfortable with how it feels, and build confidence with the sport to the point where they are able to then progress up to a harder, heavier ball.

Quality Construction

The texture of fabric is beneficial to students because it offers "give" when passing or fielding, allowing for better control and the development of fundamental skills. The ball is meant to be used indoors, so smooth, non-abrasive surfaces are ideal as this is a soft fabric ball.

A butyl bladder ensures longer lasting air retention, especially when compared to latex bladders. This means students will be able to grab the ball and be ready to play right away— no need to worry about reinflating regularly. 

Color Options

The Rainbow® colors make this ball an excellent choice for schools, as teachers can use the colors to easily split classes into groups for drills and games. Looking for a traditional soccer ball? Choose the Individual Black/White ball.

All colors come in Size 5, which is official size. Students  will enjoy progressing their skills with a ball that's still soft and light, yet the same size as balls they'd be using in competitive play.

SoftPlay™ Soccer Ball Options

SoftPlay™ Soccer Balls are available in a Rainbow® Set of 6 or Individually.

  • Rainbow® Set
  • Individual Black/White
Which soccer ball is right for me?


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