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SportSkillz™ Soccer Training Station Packs

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Save time with one-of-a-kind packs that are designed to easily introduce students to the key skills of soccer!

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Get everything you need to conduct basic soccer practice and skills training. This Pack offers custom instruction to accompany the premium equipment, keeping students engaged and having fun on the pitch!

Soccer Skill Training Made Easy

Save the time and stress it takes to think of and write up new drills and soccer skill practice. Spend more time coaching and providing one-on-one feedback!

These one-of-a-kind soccer training Packs feature 12 Station Boards with full-color Start, Move, and Stop photos, and easy-to-follow instruction to guide students through all drills. SportSkillz™ instruction is custom-made and tailored to every piece of equipment included in the Packs.

Students will learn the basics of shooting, passing and receiving, executing throw-ins, dribbling, and more! We’ve also included 4 activities to get the entire class or team involved and practicing their newly acquired soccer skills. Play Shark Attack to work on dribbling, Survivor to practice shooting, Ball Hog to emphasize defense, and Freeze Tag to reinforce ball handling and shooting.

The included Teacher Overview Cards feature the same step-by-step instruction as the Station Boards, plus more detailed information on training station setup, implementation, and instruction. Use them on the field for quick reference.

Resources Built to Last

Large, 18” x 18” Boards are printed on extra-strong, reinforced-plastic boards that are 1/8” thick, ensuring they’ll withstand everyday use and wear and tear. They’re designed to fit securely on our Rainbow® SmartHolder™ Cones – simply put a cone at each station, set up the boards, and let the training begin!

The Teacher Overview Cards are laminated for protection, and secured with a heavy-duty plastic grommet so they’ll last for years. Compact enough to fit in a pocket (4”w x 6”L) so you can reference them on the field if needed, or slip them into a storage bag or cart so they’re handy if you need them.

Premium Equipment

Packs include everything you need to implement the SportSkillz™ training stations and fundamental soccer practice, from cones and pop-up goals to balls, storage, and instruction. All equipment is Only from Gopher, ensuring it’s made from high-quality materials and is constructed to last. Choose the Pack with the ball size and type that best suits the needs of your students.

The Beginner Pack features 12 ea Rainbow® Intro-Sport™ and Rainbow® Supra™ Balls (Size 5). These soft training soccer balls are vibrantly colored and lighter weight, making them a comfortable and friendly option for beginners and those new to soccer.

The Intermediate Pack has 24 Gopher Victory 1000™ Balls (Size 5), a durable official size ball in traditional Black and White.

All other equipment is the same for both Packs.

SportSkillz™ Soccer Training Station Pack Options

SportSkillz™ Soccer Training Station Packs are available in Beginner or Intermediate Packs. Station Boards/Teacher Cards are also sold separately.

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