Tachikara® Fuzzie SS-5YS™ Soccer Balls

Soft, durable hand-sewn cover makes this an excellent kids indoor soccer ball.


Give your students a softer, friendlier ball option that leads to less lively play, perfect for confined indoor spaces. Younger users will be glad to have this friendlier ball option! The suede cover is the softest, friendliest, and least intimidating option we have to offer.

Designed for Indoor Play

Bring your soccer games inside with this softer, non-intimidating ball. The microfiber suede cover is soft to the touch, which helps lessen the sting and intensity when the ball comes into contact with a player at a fast pace. This means no more painful red marks on arms and shins, and less of a shock when heading the ball.

Long-Lasting Durability

The cover of the ball is hand-sewn to provide stronger, more secure seams than you would get from your typical machine-stitched ball. This enhances the ball's durability, allowing it to stand up to game after game of intense play. 

Its butyl bladder ensures consistent air and shape retention, especially when compared to latex bladders that require regular inflation. As a result, players will be able to grab the ball and start playing right away.

The Optic Yellow color is highly visible and easy to track. Size 5 is official size and weight.

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