Wilson® Copia Due™ Soccer Balls

Tough size 4 Wilson® soccer ball with composite leather cover is perfect for PE and recreational soccer play.


Durable construction makes this design replica of the Official Match Ball for NCAA® Soccer is the best practice and training ball we offer—perfect for outdoor play for junior high and high school students.

Built to Last

Incredibly durable 32-panel synthetic leather cover is water resistant and backed by multi-layer polyester foam for extra strength and responsiveness.

A thick butyl rubber bladder guarantees optimal air retention as compared to a latex bladder, which often requires inflation after and/or during use. The butyl bladder also provides sharp rebound characteristics for a livelier ball. Spend more time playing and less time worrying about ball maintenance and performance.

Use this ball all day, every day for physical education classes, outdoor recess, after school play, backyard matches, recreational leagues, and more!

Championship Look

The Copia Due™ is features the same coloring and markings as the Wilson® Forte Fybrid™ -- the Official Championship ball of NCAA® Soccer. This ball looks and acts like a champ!

Choose highly visible Optic Orange or more traditional White. Both feature unique graphic designs for a flashy look and easier tracking. 

Wilson® Copia Due™ Soccer Ball Options

Wilson Copia Due™ Soccer Ball is available in 2 colors and 2 sizes.


  • Black/White
  • Optic Orange


  • Size 4
  • Size 5
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Ball Inflation Needles

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Compact Inflator

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