Wilson® Soccer Ball

Our Wilson size 5 ball has a durable all-weather PVC cover and traditional panel design.


A durable soccer ball that’s perfect for indoor and outdoor recreational play at the junior high or high school level.

Built for Toughness

The Traditional™ Soccer Ball features an extra-tough PVC cover with a glossy protective surface that’s scuff and weather resistant for durability that lasts. Just under the cover is a multi-ply polyester and cotton lining, further enhancing the ball’s longevity.

A thicker butyl rubber bladder provides optimal air and shape retention, versus a latex bladder which requires more frequent filling. Dribble, pass, kick, shoot, and score for hours without having to worry about ball maintenance.

Traditional Soccer Ball Design

Embrace decades of soccer traditions and go old school with the basic black-n-white panel configuration and coloring.

Wilson® Traditional™ Soccer Ball Options

Wilson® Traditional™ Soccer Ball is available in 2 sizes.

  • Size 4
  • Size 5
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Ball Inflation Needles

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Compact Inflator

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