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Victory 1000 Soccer Balls
Performer Rubber Soccer Balls
Mikasa Super-Soft Soccer Balls
SoftScore Coated-Foam Soccer Balls
Defender Soccer Balls
Rainbow SofTex Soccer Balls
Victory MAX Soccer Balls
Gopher Vivid Soccer Balls
Rainbow PowerTac Soccer Balls
Gopher Indoor Striker Plus Soccer Balls
UltraPlay Rubber Soccer Balls
Wilson Stivale II Soccer Balls
Wilson Copia II Soccer Balls
Brine Attack Soccer Balls
Rainbow TuffSport Soccer Balls
Deluscious Foam Soccer Balls
Brine Voracity Soccer Balls
Gopher Comp 1000 Soccer Balls
SoftScore Plus Coated-Foam Soccer Balls
Screamin' SoftScore Plus Coated Foam Soccer Balls
Gopher GoBig Balls
CharacterEd Rubber Soccer Balls
Rainbow Supra Soccer Balls
Mikasa Futsal Soccer Ball
Mikasa Futsal Balls
SuperKix Soccer Balls
Gopher Fuze Soccer Balls
Rainbow UltraPlush Soccer Balls
Poof Soccer Ball
Wilson VEZA Soccer Ball
Gopher Indoor Striker Plus Lite Soccer Balls
Wilson Pentagon Soccer Ball
Performer Plus Hand-Sewn Rubber Soccer Balls
Indoor Striker Soccer Balls
SofStriker Indoor Soccer Balls

Shop for soccer balls for sale at Gopher Sport for any level of play!

From learning soccer basics in elementary school to advancing skills during high-level competition, you’ll find the soccer balls you need at Gopher!

Our huge assortment of outdoor soccer balls comes in a variety of cover materials and vibrant color designs. Several sizes let coaches and teachers choose the option that’s best for their players.

When you need indoor soccer balls, you’ll find low-bounce options that work well in gymnasiums or field houses.

Which soccer ball is right for me?

Cover Material

  • Composite: Offers superior touch and softness. The best for competition.
  • Polyurethane: Provides a soft touch, with durability and water-resistance. For practice or match play.
  • PVC: Durable and scuff/water-resistant, but not as soft as polyurethane. For practice and recreation.
  • Rubber: Waterproof and the most durable, especially on asphalt. Great for institutional use.
  • Felt/Suede: The softest, friendliest cover material. Exclusively for indoor use.

Bladder Material

  • C-2: The best touch and rebound, but with improved air-retention due to its mix of carbon and latex.
  • Latex: Offers superior touch and rebound. Least air-retention quality; requires more frequent filling.
  • Butyl/Rubber: Retains air exceptionally well and provides uniform pressure dispersion.

Size Recommendations

  • Size 3: Elementary
  • Size 4: Middle School
  • Size 5: Junior High and Up