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ATEC M1 Pitching Machine


The best performing wheeled pitching machine for baseball and softball that's used by the pros!

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This machine includes a dual-durometer concave wheel to optimize pitch speed for more accurate fastballs and curveballs. ABS wheel guards allow for increased protection to the operator as well as the machine's wheels. The Quick Change Tilt System converts balls to right-hand or left-hand pitches at up to 70 mph. In addition to offensive training, the machine can also be turned toward the field for defensive practice with the ability to launch pop-ups, fly balls, line drives, ground balls, and more.

The pitching machine sits on top of a tripod frame made of durable steel. The base is designed to absorb machine recoil for maximum pitch accuracy. The machine is easy to transport to and from practice and accommodates regulation leather, foam, and dimpled balls. Recovery time for each pitch is 8 seconds. 110V AC power. Machine is 75 lb.