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ClassPlus™ Glove Packs

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Complete packs with your choice of six gloves to best suit your class needs!

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Get everything you need for your class or team with the ClassPlus™ Glove Packs. Each pack includes 30 of your choice of glove, as well as plenty of soft balls and some high-quality storage bags.

Outfit Everyone

This pack allows you to outfit your whole class or team with balls and gloves that will properly size the equipment you have to their abilities and size. Left-handed baseball gloves provide students with the proper glove! This pack takes care of all that with 6 glove options to best fit your class’s ability and budget.

Choose from these 3 gloves. AllStar™ and Black Diamond™ come in multiple color options.

Plenty of Choices

The all-synthetic gloves feature smaller sizes and a smaller-sized ball that’s perfect for younger students. The selection progresses to the Black Diamond, which is our best Gopher glove, and to larger sizes with full-size 12” balls, making it a better option for older students.

Outstanding Convenience

All equipment fits in the provided bag, making it easy to set up, clean up, and store. The coach or instructor can have their baseball or softball unit ready to go as soon as they open up the carrying bag!

ClassPlus™ Glove Pack Options

ClassPlus™ Glove Packs are available in 6 glove options.

Each Pack includes:

  • Gloves (12 right, 3 left of each size), 30 ea
  • Softballs, 24 ea
  • XL DuraBag™ Duffels for glove storage, 2 ea
  • Nylon-coated vinyl ball bag with zippered top, 1 ea
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