DeBeer™ Clincher® Official Softballs

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Firmer kapok-core balls stand up to rough outdoor surfaces.

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Designed for rugged outdoor play, durable TruTech™ horsehide leather is reinforced by a kapok core to combat the wear and tear that comes with full-speed, outdoor games of softball. A firmer construction keeps balls from deteriorating over time as they contact concrete, asphalt, and various bat materials, while the non-exposed seam design of DeBeer™ Softballs makes gripping, catching, and throwing comfortable and easy.

Supreme Durability

Recommended for outdoor game play, a rough and tumble design stands up to harsher elements with ease, be it concrete, asphalt, or any other surface outside. The TruTech™ horsehide leather shell features a non-exposed seam design that protects these critical construction components from damage, creating longevity for the ball itself. A kapok core is steam welded and stands up to heavy hitters and ricochets from over-the-fence shots. This delivers optimal ball performance pitch after pitch. An overall great ball for city leagues and schoolyard games, where grass fields aren’t always accessible.

Comfortable Construction

The firmness featured on the 12” and 16” Clincher® Softball from DeBeer™ makes handling a breeze for experienced players and older students. A lack of cushion allows for tighter grip, which means more power channeled through throws—even those headed from the outfield all the way back to home plate! Hand-sewn with non-exposed seams, gripping is made easy on both 12” and 16” varieties, for improved accuracy on all throws.

DeBeer™ Clincher® Official Softball Options

DeBeer™ Clincher® Official Softballs are available in 2 sizes and 2 colors.

  • 12”, White
  • 16”, White
  • 16”, Yellow
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