Dudley® Thunder HyCon Slow Pitch Softballs

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Give your team an ASA approved softball that will stand up to multiple users and hits.

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A full hardness design and high COR (coefficient of restitution) meet ASA standards, giving advanced players a true-to-game feel, even during practice. Bat vibration and sting are reduced thanks to a lower compression rating, which in turn makes these perfect for co-ed league play. Available in synthetic leather, composite, or leather covers to provide a range of options based on hand feel, grip preference, and budget.


  • 12”
  • 3 Cover Options: Synthetic-Leather, Composite, or Leather
  • .52 COR
  • 300 Compression
  • Certified for ASA play

Optimal for League Play

Men and women alike can practice and play at a high level thanks to the accommodating design of these Dudley® slow pitch softballs. A high COR rating gives balls more liveliness and bounce to keep things interesting hit after hit. The unique HyCon core is proprietary to Dudley® and is specially formulated to ensure the ball plays the same in cold weather as it does in hot weather, so no matter the season, the ball performs! A good hardness allows for a better grip when it comes to fielding and throwing, while a lower compression works to control distance.

Three available cover options tailor to your needs:

  • Synthetic-Leather – Less expensive than leather, this is an economical choice with a good choice for a secure grip and feel.
  • Composite – Designed to be an “in-between” ball between synthetic leather and leather. It provides a tackier feel than synthetic and is still more affordable than leather.
  • Leather – Used for official play, leather provides the best grip and feel for optimal playability.

Bright yellow coloring with flat red seams lends to better flight tracking, making fly balls and deep hits easier to follow, rain or shine.

Dudley® Thunder HyCon Softball Options

Dudley® Thunder HyCon Softballs are available in yellow in 3 covers.

  • 4A-069Y, Synthetic-Leather
  • 4A-068Y, Composite
  • 4A-065Y, Leather
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