Easton® FS200 Fast Pitch Bat

All-purpose introductory Easton® fast pitch bat is the perfect leadoff for beginners.


A perfect bat for Little League all the way up to fast pitch softball! Five sizes accommodate beginners to seasoned players and is approved for play by many leagues. 


  • Choose from 5 lengths and weights
  • 2-1/4” dia Barrel
  • 31/32” Tapered Handle
  • 7046 Aluminum Alloy
  • ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, SSUSA, and ISF certified

Excellent Durability

This bat is ready for extra innings! The 31/32” handle is designed to have a fast swing speed, which is key in power and driving the ball. It also features a cushioned grip for increased comfort and to keep, hands fresh even after a large number of swings. The bat has lengths from 28” to 32” and weights from 18 oz to 23 oz, which makes it an extremely versatile bat.  

Easton® FS200 Fast Pitch Bat Options

Easton® FS200 Fast Pitch Bats are available 5 lengths and weights.


  • 28” L; 19 oz
  • 29” L; 20 oz
  • 30” L; 21 oz
  • 31” L; 22 oz
  • 32” L; 23 oz
Bat Sizing
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