Rawlings® Velo™ Two-Tone Batting Helmet with Mask

Batting helmet with the ultimate cushion for style and comfort!

The new and improved Velo™ series batting helmet now features 16 vent holes for maximum air flow during gameplay. It is also equipped with COOLFLO® XV1™ style venting and Heat Exchange™ technologies to promote circulation and an overall cooling effect. Interior, wrapped jaw pads offer unmatched comfort and added security.

This model of Rawlings® helmets is engineered with a R16 facemask which offers supreme protective features for batters digging into the box. The two-tone matte and metallic paint finish provides the perfect combination of style and comfort. This product is specifically made for players looking for the ultimate protective helmet. It is available in Junior Size 6⅜" to 7⅛", or Adult Size 6⅞" to 7⅝".


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