Wilson® Soft Compression Softballs

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Level 1 soft compression makes these 93% softer than traditional softballs.

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Soft and friendly for players who are new to the game, a compression design and spongey core make hitting, fielding, gripping, and throwing easier. The design of these balls mirrors official softball look and feel, but offers compensation in the grip and weight for easy immersion into the basics of the sport.

Friendly Design

The softness of these training softballs for hitting is what truly sets them apart from similar options—they respond to impact with noticeable compression, deadening the sting of catching and cushioning the velocity of hitting. A sponge core makes these softballs lighter, creating a loftier flight that helps fielders learn positioning and batters learn timing. Complete with an Ultra-Grip synthetic leather cover, tackiness allows students to pick up, handle, and throw with better accuracy.

Great for Fundamentals

Because they’re so forgiving on impact, kids are more apt to focus on their motions and fundamentals when using these soft softballs for training, rather than worrying about reacting defensively. Games of partner toss quickly become fun and non-intimidating, while confidence is boosted during batting practice. Bright yellow balls with red seams are easily tracked against the grass and sky outdoors, as well as gym floors and ceilings indoors, helping to teach the basics of fielding.

Wilson® Soft Compression Softball Options

Wilson® Soft Compression Softballs are available in 2 sizes in yellow.

  • 11”
  • 12”
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