Worth® USSSA Gold Dot Slow Pitch Softballs

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USSSA-approved balls, designed for long-lasting play and improved grip during game play.

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These balls are meant for the serious slow pitch softball player looking for extreme performance! Designed for competitive play, with a full-hardness design and raised seams, you’ll get big hits, amazing distance, and superior handling from these softballs! With incredible durability also included in their design, they’re bound to deliver performance for entire seasons and tournaments, rain or shine.


  • 12”
  • Synthetic-Leather or Composite Cover
  • .40 COR
  • 325 compression
  • Certified Classic USSSA (M)

The Best of Everything

With a 12” size, superior 325 compression rating, and high hardness, you can swing for the fences every time this ball is pitched! Choose from 2 types:

  • UC12SY features a synthetic-leather cover that is extremely durable
  • UC12CYXT features a composite cover that is slightly less durable but often travels further

Both backed by a dense, solid polyurethane core—and experience exceptional handling thanks to raised seams. Iconic yellow coloring and vibrant blue seams make it easy for players to track fly balls and scoop up grounders on the run. C-LOK technology within the construction repels moisture and adds pliability, making balls up to 4x more resilient, even across intense league play.

Worth® USSSA Gold Dot Softball Options

Worth® USSSA Gold Dot Softballs are available in yellow, in 12” size in 2 covers.

  • UC12SY, Synthetic-Leather
  • UC12CYXT , Composite
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