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Diamond Umpire Plate Brush
Infield Rake
Infield Steel Dirt Tamp
Monster 7’ Infield Drag Broom
Professional Ball Cart
Rawlings R500 Player Backpack
Rawlings Storm Batting Gloves
Rawlings Umpire Leg Guards
Rawlings Umpire Pro Chest Protector
Rawlings Workhorse Batting Gloves
Schutt® Base Caddy
Schutt BP Barrel
Schutt® Coach's Backpack
Digout Tool
Schutt® Dugout Fence Bat Rack
Slow Pitch Strike Zone Mat
Schutt Hollywood Impact Bases
Schutt® Jack Corbett MLB® Hollywood® Bases
Pro Home Plate
Fisher Cover Stakes
Fisher Home Plate Cover
Fisher Pitching Mound Covers
Fisher Turf Batting Practice Pitcher's Mats
Fisher Turf Home Plate Mats
Fisher Turf On-Deck Circles
Diamond Team Bat Bag
ATEC T3 Professional Batting Tee
ATEC Tuffy Single Batting Tee
ATEC 1st Base Screen
ATEC Padded 1st Base Screen
ATEC Padded Batting Practice Screen
ATEC Batting Practice Screen

Purchase durable softball equipment for your team from Gopher Sport!

It’s essential to find softball gear that has the durability and feel that best suits players' needs for constant use. The high-quality equipment available at Gopher will cater to every requirement.

Coaches and teachers will discover the enhanced performance available from the right softball bats for a student's playing style. Also, there are gloves and softballs specifically designed for slow and fast pitch play.

Apart from the basic equipment, there are also excellent training tools for players and a variety of coaching resources that will help hone the skills of your players. Shop for dependable softball equipment with Gopher!