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Rainbow DuraBag Duffels
FieldPro PE Field Marking Kit
Bin Shelving Unit
Field Position Spots
DiamondPrince Equipment Bag
DiamondPrince Ball Bag
Rainbow® Mighty Mesh™ Bags
Wilson A360 Series Baseball Gloves
Rainbow® Premiere Throw-Down Bases
Rainbow Indoor/Outdoor XtraBases
Gopher Rookie Carpet Bases
GrateBase Bases
AnyPlace Rubber Bases
ACTION! Qwick-Catch Set
DiamondDash Set
Indestructo-Ball Balls
Jaypro EasyLiner Dry Line Markers
Measuring Wheels

Measuring Wheels

ATEC Batting Practice Screen
BIGHitter Game Pack
Deluxe Pitchback Rebounder
Diamond Coach's Bucket Sleeve
End-Spiked Pitching Rubber
Kick-Away Safety Bases
Louisville Slugger Omaha Team Bag
Louisville Slugger Fungo Bats
Magnetic Safety Baseball Base
Safe!™ Bases
Qwick-Catch Set
Rainbow DurabiliTee Batting Tee
Rainbow® Mighty Mesh™ Plus Bags
Rainbow DuraBagPlus Mesh Bags
Screamin' Yellow® ResisDent™ Balls
Bownet Backstops

Bownet Backstops

Bownet Big Mouth Nets
Bownet Bodyguard Protection Net

Purchase durable softball equipment for your team from Gopher Sport!

It’s essential to find softball gear that has the durability and feel that best suits players' needs for constant use. The high-quality equipment available at Gopher will cater to every requirement.

Coaches and teachers will discover the enhanced performance available from the right softball bats for a student's playing style. Also, there are gloves and softballs specifically designed for slow and fast pitch play.

Apart from the basic equipment, there are also excellent training tools for players and a variety of coaching resources that will help hone the skills of your players. Shop for dependable softball equipment with Gopher!