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Batting Cages and Nets
Permanent Chain-Link Backstops
Deluxe TempFence Temporary Fencing
Poly-Cap Fence Caps
Jaypro 20' Professional Foul Poles

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Buy softball batting cages and backstops from Gopher Sport to protect fans and players!

Increase safety during batting practice with durable batting cages. They give players the chance to practice hitting drills in a small, secure space. They keep balls confined, so players and coaches spend less time chasing down softballs.

Protect fans and other players from foul balls with a dependable backstop. Permanent mount options are ideal for dedicated ball fields, while portable backstops let coaches or PE teachers set up a field wherever it’s needed.

Looking to shorten a field or set boundaries? Temporary fencing is exactly what you need! It’s easy to set up on dual purpose fields. If you have a permanent chain-link fence, then you’ll want to add a fence cap. This will protect players as they run to catch a ball in the outfield.

Shop for softball field accessories from Gopher!

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