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Rainbow® Phenom™ Bats
Easton Hammer Slow Pitch Softball Bats
Rainbow® Soft-Stix™ Bats
Rainbow® UltraGrip™ Foam Baseball Bats
Easton® Rebel Slow Pitch Bats
Easton® Topaz Fast Pitch Bats
Bat Tape

Bat Tape

DeMarini® Uprising Slow Pitch Softball Bat
Louisville Slugger® Diva™ -11.5 Fast Pitch Bats
Worth® Storm Fast Pitch Bat
Louisville Slugger Fungo Bats
Easton® Bat Tape
DeMarini® Vendetta™ -12 Fast Pitch Bats
DeMarini® Ultimate Weapon™ Slow Pitch Softball Bat
DeMarini® Juggy™ ASA® Slow Pitch Softball Bats
Rawlings® VELO -11 Fast Pitch Bats
Rawlings® Quatro™ -10 Fast Pitch Bats
Louisville Slugger® Quest™ -12 Fast Pitch Bats
DeMarini® Vendetta™ -10 Fast Pitch Bats
DeMarini Uprising™ -12 Fast Pitch Bats
DeMarini Bustos™ -13 Fast Pitch Bat
Easton® Stealth™ Flex™ -10 Fast Pitch Bats
Easton® Stealth™ Flex™ -11 Fast Pitch Bats
Easton® Stealth Hyperlite Fast Pitch Bat
Easton® Crystal Fast Pitch Bats
Easton Hyperskin Bat Grip
Worth® Mayhem™ Singlewall Alloy Slow Pitch Bats
Worth® Mayhem™ XL All Association Slow Pitch Bats
Miken® Rev-Ex Maxload Slow Pitch Bats
Miken® Psycho Balanced 14" Balanced Slow Pitch Bat
Rawlings Eclipse Fast Pitch Bats
Easton® Z7 Hyperskin™ Batting Gloves
DeMarini® Shatter™ Batting Gloves
Rawlings® Storm Batting Gloves
Rawlings® Workhorse Batting Gloves
Rawlings® Pro Style Bat Sleeve
Rawlings® Doughnut-Style Bat Weight
Rawlings® Pine Tar Stick

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Improve performance in class and during games with your purchase of softball bats from Gopher Sport!

If you need reliable fast pitch and slow pitch bats for PE class, high school sports teams, or recreational teams, you will find what you need here at Gopher. We have high-quality bats built for top performance!

When introducing the fundamentals to younger students, it’s important to use youth softball bats that lessen the intimidation. Colorful plastic and foam bats are equipped with taped handles for a secure grip promote easier contact with the ball and let users focus on form.

Our bats grow with students and players as skills continue to progress. They feature exceptional thick-wall, one-piece, and ultralight designs to ensure a swing that connects and performs!

Which Type of Softball Bat is Right for Me?

Age Length Weight
5-8 24"-28" 17 oz-18 oz
9-12 28”-30” 17 oz-20 oz
12-15 30”-32” 18 oz-25 oz
15+ 32”-34” 25 oz-30 oz


Shop with Gopher when instructing classes or competitive softball leagues!