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Rainbow DurabiliTee Batting Tee
StabiliTee Batting Tee
ATEC T3 Professional Batting Tee
Easton Square It Up Batting Tee
Phenom Batting Tee
ATEC Tuffy Single Batting Tee

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Shop for softball batting tees from Gopher Sport to improve form and technique while at the plate!

From introductory tees for use in PE classes, to heavy-duty batting tees for use by varsity sports players, you’ll find the best option for your players at Gopher.

The one-piece construction of our Phenom tees will withstand repeated hits. Its fixed height means players don’t need to worry about the tee height changing while learning hitting basics.

High-quality adjustable tees let you change the height of the tee to focus on hitting form in different areas of the strike zone. Raise or lower the it using telescoping rods.

Find the ideal softball batting tee for your team or class from Gopher!