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Field Marking Spray Paint White
Athletic Field Marker
FieldPro PE Field Marking Kit
Infield Rake
Monster 7’ Infield Drag Broom
Infield Steel Dirt Tamp
Field Marking Spray Paint
Athletic Field Marking Chalk
Field Marking Paint
Jaypro EasyLiner Dry Line Markers
Jaypro EasyLiner Aerosol Spray Kit
Infield Ground Drags
Fisher Cover Stakes
Fisher Pitching Mound Covers
Fisher Home Plate Cover
Titan BP Zone Infield Turf Protectors
Open-Reel and Closed-Reel Measuring Tapes
Measuring Wheels

Measuring Wheels

String Reel
Infield Hose
Infield Pro Hose Nozzle
Vantage Canopy Shelter
Heavy-Duty Canopy Shelters
Dome Instant Canopy Shelter
Eclipse II Canopy Shelters

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Shop for softball field supplies at Gopher Sport to keep it ready for play during PE and games!

Whether you need field marking gear, canopies, or infield rakes, you’ll find the softball field supplies you need here at Gopher.

A wide assortment of spray paint and chalk offer efficient ways to mark lines on the infield and outfield. Markers and measuring wheels make it easy to quickly draw straight lines.

Prep the infield with ground drags and rakes. A ground drag is a great option for smoothing the entire infield before the game or between innings. A rake lets the maintenance crew level small areas of dirt or sand during the game.

Keep students, players, and spectators cool and dry during games with portable canopies. Each shelter is easy to set and provides protection from the sun and rain.

Shop for softball field maintenance supplies at Gopher!