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Gopher Impact Zone™ All-Synthetic Baseball Gloves
Gopher AllStar™ All-Synthetic Gloves
Gopher Black Diamond Leather/Synthetic Gloves
Rawlings® All-Synthetic Gloves
Rawlings® RSB™ Series Leather/Synthetic Gloves
Wilson® A360™ Series Baseball Gloves
Rawlings® Catcher's Mitts
Rawlings® Renegade™ Series All-Leather Gloves
ClassPlus™ Glove Packs
Easton® Alpha™ Slow Pitch Softball Glove
Easton Loaded Series Leather Slow Pitch Gloves
Rawlings® Liberty® Advanced Series Fast Pitch Gloves
Rawlings® Gamer™ Series Fast Pitch Gloves
Rawlings® Gamer™ Series Fast Pitch Catcher's Mitt
Wilson® Siren Series™ Fast Pitch Gloves
Louisville Slugger® Xeno Series™ Fast Pitch Gloves
Easton® Synergy™ Elite Fast Pitch Softball Gloves
Easton® Salvo™ Slow Pitch Softball Glove

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Supply your team and students with dependable gear when you purchase softball gloves from Gopher Sport!

Let Gopher fill your dugout with the best brands of slow and fast pitch softball gloves. Made with quality materials such as full-grain leather, pigskin, and oil-tanned steer hide, all gloves are designed to endure every catch during recreational or competitive play.

Whether you need to find a right or left-handed glove, you will find one to suit the needs of your students in PE or players on sports teams. Gloves are made with for comfort with safety padding and maximum playability with large pockets.

Which softball glove is right for me?

Age Sizes Uses
5-6 10” to 10-1/2” Utility/Infield 
7-8 10-1/2” to 11” Utility/Infield 
9-12 11” to 11-1/2” Utility/Infield 
12+ 11” to 13” Infield/Outfield
12+ 13-1/2” to 14” Outfield


Buy durable softball gloves for your team or class from Gopher!