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Wilson® EZ® Gear Catcher's Equipment Set
Catcher's Gear Set
Wilson® Prestige Catcher's Helmet
Catcher's Equipment
RIP-IT Defense Pro™ Softball Face Mask
Worth® Legit Slow Pitch Softball Pitcher's Mask
Schutt Air 4.2 Fastpitch Batting Helmet
Easton Prowess Grip Batting Helmets with Mask
Easton Fast Pitch Catcher's Gear Set
Wilson® Prestige Catcher's Chest Protector
Rawlings® Velo™ Two-Tone Batting Helmet with Mask
Rawlings® Softball Batter’s Helmet
Wilson® Prestige Catcher's Leg Guards
Easton® Catcher's Knee Saver
Rawlings® Face First Softball Fielder's Mask
Rawlings® Batter's Helmet
Rawlings® Umpire Renegade Hockey Style Helmet
Diamond Standard Series Umpire Mask
Diamond UMP LITE Series Chest Protector
Diamond Four Function Umpire Indicator
Diamond Three Function Umpire Indicator
Diamond® Umpire Plate Brush
Wilson® Umpire Kit
Diamond UMP LITE 170 Leg Guards
Rawlings® Umpire Leg Guards
Rawlings® Umpire Pro Chest Protector
Diamond Umpire Ball Bag

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Shop for softball helmets and catcher’s equipment from Gopher Sport to equip PE classes and teams!

Supply softball players with the protection they need as the ball flies toward them. Our high-quality softball catcher’s gear and batting helmets keep players and PE students safe while playing.

Softball catchers face pitch after pitch at varied speeds, so it’s important to provide them with equipment that’s safe and flexible. Complete sets include all the crucial pieces of safety gear players at the plate need. A chest pad and leg guards offer protection, while also allowing for movement. Helmets include faceguards for full protection of players’ heads during softball games.

An assortment of batting helmets keeps players’ heads safe and cool. All feature comfortable padding to keep the helmet in place through the swing. Add a face guard to give players maximum protection while at bat. We also have face masks with wide sight lines to protect the pitcher or infielders from line drives.

Buy protective equipment from Gopher for softball players!