Complete Learn to Swim Pack

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All-inclusive pack with easy-to-follow instruction allows any PE teacher to easily teach basic swimming skills!

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Written by Physical Education teacher and ASA Coach John Lawton for teachers, this complete guide includes activities, outcomes, teaching tips, equipment lists, and more. Students will become comfortable in the water while learning the four swimming strokes: front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, and backstroke. Each pack includes all the equipment needed for 10 units.

Equipment Included

Every pack has all of the equipment needed to create 10 different swimming units in your physical education class. All equipment is used during each of the 10 units discussed in the guide, so teachers will never have to worry about getting additional equipment to add to their swim units. All of the equipment is easily held, stored, and transported in the convenient storage bags included in the pack.

Instructional Book

Complete Guide to Swimming is split into 10 units, including:

  • Planning
  • Preparation and Familiarization
  • Starting to Move
  • Face in the Water
  • Learning to Float
  • Submersion and Aquatic Breathing
  • Gliding and Developing the Body Position
  • Developing Backstroke and Front Crawl
  • Developing Breastsroke and Butterfly
  • Further Development of the 4 Major Strokes and Aquatic Skills Outcomes

Complete Learn to Swim Pack Options

The Complete Learn to Swim Pack is available in a pack. Book also sold separately.

  • Complete Pack
    • FUNoodles™, Set of 24
    • Assorted Dive Sticks and Rings, 1 Pack
    • Slalom Hoops, 1 Pack
    • Classic Swim Goggles, Set of 24
    • Swimming Fins, 6 pr (2 ea Small, Medium, Large)
    • TYR® Aqua Belt Float Belts, 6 ea
    • TYR® Kickboards, 6 ea
    • TYR® Pull Floats, Junior, 6 ea
    • Stopwatch, 1 ea
    • Water Volleyball, 1 ea
    • VersaBag™ Mesh Bags, Set of 4 (2 ea Medium, Large)
    • Complete Guide to Swimming Book
  • Individual Components
    • Complete Guide to Swimming Book