Colorful all-rubber floating fins make finding the right size easy!

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Designed to increase leg strength and enhance foot flexibility, the FlexFin is a perfect choice for swimmers at all levels. Each size comes in unique colors, making for organization easy.

Build Strength and Technique

These colorful all-rubber floating fins are engineered for a wide variety of swim training and exercise routines. They increase leg strength and enhance foot flexibility as extensions of the swimmers’ lower legs and feet. This leads to overall increased swimming performance as students continue to build speed and strength.

Find the Ideal Size

Each pair of fins comes in sizes that correspond with men’s shoe sizes. To differentiate between them at a glance, each size comes in a different color. This makes identifying sizes easy, so you don’t have to look for printed numbers on each fin.

Fin Options:

  • X-Small (Men’s 3-5), Yellow/Blue
  • Small (Men’s 5-7), Black/Yellow
  • Medium (Men’s 7-9), Black/Red
  • Large (Men’s 9-11), Black/Blue
  • X-Large (Men’s 11-13), Black/Green
  • XX-Large (Men’s 13-15), Orange/Grey