Aqua Jogger®

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Buoyancy belt keeps you from leaning back for an improved water workout.

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Add running under water to your swimming unit and workout regime! Each belt features an arched back to promote correct form and positioning for better abdominal workouts. It is available in both Youth and Adult sizes.

Improve Water Workouts

Jogging underwater has a lot of benefits for athletes and students, from building speed and enhancing strength to simply getting people more comfortable in the water. However, it can be difficult to maintain proper posture and technique. This buoyancy belt solves that problem, keeping students from leaning back with its arched back for improved posture and a better water workout.

This arched back design keeps students positioned straight up, and tones and engages the abdominal muscles throughout the entire workout. A patented contoured design also supports and strengthens the lower back, while remaining soft and flexible from the narrowed foam at the waist to allow for comfort and freedom of movement.

High-Quality Design

An easy-to-use quick release buckle makes it easy to take the belt on and off whenever you are ready to start or end the workout. Even though the buckle is made of foam, it is a closed-cell material that does not absorb water and ultimately weigh down your students. Instead, it’s designed to dry quickly and resist chlorine damage, which means it will last for years to come.

Two sizes are available, Youth and Adult, to help teachers accommodate students of all sizes. Both sizes can be worn either upside-down or with the foam in front of the body to accommodate different body shapes, as well. Youth belts accommodate up to a 36” waist, up to 95 lb. Adult belts accommodate up to a 48” waist, 95-200 lb.

Aqua Jogger® Options

Aqua Jogger® is available in 2 sizes.

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