FUNoodles™ Foam Rods

Fun, flexible, and super buoyant.


Featuring a firm, closed-cell foam in a classic round or square design, these noodles make it easier to balance in the water and simply make for a fun time in the pool.

Add Variety to Swimming

Swimmers commonly use foam noodles to hold for support or float around, or to use in place of a kickboard. While both are great options, noodles can be used for so much more!

For example, these 60”L noodles can make obstacle courses in the water both safe and fun! Quickly assemble a number of different obstacles in the water with connectors to create targets, hurdles and more for all different types of activities. Their friendly colors and soft foam texture make them especially welcoming and fun for younger kids. The polyethylene foam construction makes them completely safe for use, preventing pinching, bumping or any other potential accidents that would otherwise occur when kids come into contact with the obstacles. It’s important to remember that these are not a water safety device.

Multiple Options

Teachers have the option of getting different-shaped noodles. Round noodles come in sets of 24, while square noodles come in sets of 32. Whichever shape you prefer essentially comes down to personal preference. 2 types of connectors are also available: a 10”L connecter with holes, and a 9”L connector without holes. Also available is an ABS storage cart that can hold up to 60 noodles at once for easy storage and transportation.

FUNoodles™ Foam Rod Options

FUNoodles™ Foam Rods are available in sets. Connectors and storage cart sold separately. Colors vary.

  • Noodles
    • Round, Set of 24
    • Square, Set of 32
  • Connectors
    • 10”L , With Holes
    • 9”L
  • Storage Cart, 38”L x 19”W x 50”H, 28 lb. Assembly required.
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