Itza™ Water Ball

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Water-proof ball has even more grip when wet!

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Get a football, basketball, or volleyball that’s specifically designed for use in the water and will stay in great shape for years to come! Each style absorbs minimal amounts of water, keeping it light and sting-free.

Waterproof Balls

Standard types of balls meant for use on dry land tend to degrade or absorb water if used in the pool. So instead, use these exceptional sports balls that have been designed with a TPE shell, which absorbs minimal amounts of water, making them perfect for pool and beach play. The material provides maximum grip while repelling water so the balls remain light, durable, and sting-free. A butyl bladder maximizes are retention and ensures the ball will hold up to repeated institutional use.

With colors and designs that really pop, the balls are visible against grass, sand, gravel, and water, so every student will be able to clearly see them during play.

All of these balls are made with the same TPE material and similar colorful designs. These water balls can add extra fun into your swimming units!

Itza™ Water Ball Options

Itza™ Water Balls are available in 3 ball types.

  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball