Pool Shot® Junior Varsity™ Water Basketball Systems

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Innovative backboard increases shot options, keeps ball in pool!

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Bring basketball to your pool with these fun options! Both systems feature a polyethylene backboard with three 45° wings, as well as a zinc-coated rim with an all-weather nylon net. 

Unique Design

Never climb out of the pool to chase air balls again! Thanks to the winged backboard, the patented design captures errant shots from mid-air and not only keeps them from flying out of the pool, but also returns them toward the shooter. These 45° wings are under the hoop and on both sides, which make them essentially act like extra rebounders. Students are also able to accomplish some crazy trick shots off these wings by hitting the min just the right spot!

You can fill the base on the portable system with up to 400 lb of water or sand to keep it in place. The base is immune to chlorine, rain, snow, and extreme weather, giving you the option to use it at outdoor pools all year long. Or, for the portable option, you can empty the water and move it into your storage shed with ease. The portable system comes with a goal and 2 basketballs.

The deck-mount system can either be installed with a new pool or retrofitted to be anchored into the concrete. An aluminum pole slides into a polyethylene sleeve, and the hole can be covered when not in use. It includes a goal and basketball.

Both sets include a zinc-coated rim with an all-weather nylon net. Each measures 39”W x 46”H x 30”D; 55 lb.

Pool Shot® Junior Varsity™ Water Basketball System Options

Pool Shot® Junior Varsity™ Water Basketball Systems are available in 2 systems.

  • Portable System
  • Deck-Mount System