Ring Buoys

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Meets strict U.S. Coast Guard codes.

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Professionals use ring buoys like these in rescue situations. A metal ring encased deep in the ultra-buoyant closed-cell foam provides a perfect throwing weight for a wide variety of rescues. Its surface is both weather and mildew resistant to ensure long-lasting use.

U.S. Coast Guard Standards

The U.S. Coast Guard has extremely strict codes that must be met for all rescue equipment, and these Ring Buoys achieve those standards. The metal ring inside the ultra-buoyant closed-cell foam gives them the weight needed by lifeguards for tossing both short and long distances accurately. An external rope around the ring is secured by four 2”W webs, so anyone can easily grab on to the floating ring and pull it to themselves or get pulled in by others.

The ring also has a weather and mildew-resistant surface so it can be stored by indoor and outdoor pools in an open place, where it can then be accessed by anyone without teachers having to worry about its durability.

Two Options

Ring Buoys are available in 2 diameters. The 19” size is ideal for pools where there’s not much storage space in the open, and where younger, smaller students will be swimming. The 24” size is better for pools with older students and adults and for locations where there’s ample storage space.

Ring Buoy Options

Ring Buoys are available in 2 sizes.

  • 19” dia
  • 24” dia