Spine Board and Accessories


Water rescue spine board helps transport the injured.

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If a serious injury occurs in the water, you need the proper equipment to safely transport that person out of the pool to receive medical attention. This rescue spine board is tapered for easy maneuverability during water rescues, and is equipped with runners on the bottom and hand holes for lifting. It is built to withstand years of indoor and outdoor use, and supports up to 350 lb.

State of the Art

Molded in 100% recycled, high-impact polyethylene plastic, this uniquely styled spine board offers the latest in technology. Space-age polymer materials make this board stronger and lighter than its wooden counterparts, as well as extremely rigid, while enabling it to float for use in water rescue situations. A unique contoured shape provides excellent handhold and attachment points for restraint straps. This shape also eliminates the need for runners, making the board more versatile overall and allowing it to be used for extrication.

The board’s clean, non-porous surface never absorbs fluids, instead allowing stains to be easily wiped off so the board stays clean for use after use. The board also maintains its pristine appearance thanks to scratch-resistant material and x-ray translucence. In this way, it is able to withstand weather, water, and chlorine for years to come.

Head Immobilizer

A head immobilizer is sold separately, and can be attached to the spine board. This attachment features soft, vinyl pads made for greater comfort while the injured swimmer is transported away from the pool. It holds the head in place with the assistance of two flexible vinyl-padded straps. Attaching the spine board is easy—straps hook into the sides and quickly attach.

Spine Board and Accessory Options

Spine Boards and Accessories are available in 3 styles.

  • Spine Board
  • Head Immobilizer
  • Additional Restraint Straps