Splash & Slam Basketball and Volleyball Systems

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Versatile design allows both basketball and/or volleyball play in the pool.

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Whether you’re looking to add basketball, volleyball, or both to the pool, these systems have you covered! The base units weigh 500 lb when filled with water, making this an extremely stable system. Four-way leveling on the system permits use on sloped pool decks.

Versatile Design

Bring the popular sports of basketball and volleyball to your pool. A four-way leveling system accommodates sloped or uneven surfaces, so these systems can fit on basically any poolside. The base can also be used interchangeably between the basketball hoop extension or volleyball net stability posts.

These systems are built to withstand the toughest play. Their fiberglass construction resists rust and corrosion, allowing it to last for years. An extremely stable polyethylene base weighs about 500 lb when filled with water, meaning teachers never have to worry about it tipping over on to students.

Three Systems

There are 3 systems available that teachers can use to add extra capabilities to their pool.

The basketball system features a vinyl-coated stainless steel basketball rim with an all-weathered polyster net, so they can both withstand the elements. A telescoping pole adjusts the height of the backboard from 2’ to 6’ above the deck in increments. This system comes with a base unit, post, backboard and rim, net, and water proof basketball.

The volleyball system features a 32’ nylon net and extension ropes accommodating up to a 70’ wide pool. The system comes with 2 base units, 2 posts, a nylon net with extension rope, and a waterproof volleyball.

The basketball/volleyball combo system takes the 2 previous systems and combines their benefits together. The bases are the same for both, so teachers only have to remove the posts to switch between systems. System includes 2 base units, 2 posts, a backboard and goal, a volleyball net, a volleyball and a basketball.

Splash & Slam Basketball and Volleyball System Options

Splash & Slam Basketball and Volleyball Systems are available in 3 systems.

  • Basketball System
  • Volleyball System
  • Basketball/Volleyball System