TYR EBP Burner Swim Fins

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Shorter fins prepare swimmers for race day!

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The shorter blade on this fin ensures the perfect amount of propulsion for proper technique. To develop the ideal stroke, this fin promotes shorter cadence kicks for faster twitch muscle fibers in the leg. The state-of-the-art ergonomic foot pocket minimizes tendon strain for more efficient strength-building in the ankle.

Made with soft high-buoyancy rubber for the ultimate resilience, this fin utilizes Elevated Body Positioning to help maintain proper alignment during training. A wall gripper footpad anchors the foot in place for athletes, even during movements like flip turns and push-offs. Fins are color-coded according to size and fit Men's shoe sizes. Available X-Small (Men's 3-5), Small (Men's 5-7), Medium (Men's 7-9), Large (Men's 9-11), and X-Large (Men's 11-13). For Women's sizes, size down 1.5 sizes.