TYR Kickboards

Perfect tool for strengthening leg muscles.


Isolate the legs and perfect your kicks with the help of this durable, closed-cell EVA foam kickboard. Choose from either of 2 available sizes to give different ages and skill levels the board that’s right for them.

Strengthen Legs

Kickboards are an outstanding training aid for students who need to work on leg technique for all strokes, as well as for the general improvement of leg strength. Using a kickboard immobilizes the arms, forcing students to work harder with their kicks. Simply instruct students to hold on to the boards and kick with their legs to propel themselves forward. The boards will provide them with some much-needed floating support as they kick from one end of the pool to the other. Each board is made with a durable, closed-cell EVA foam, ensuring lasting floating performance for years of classes.

Two Sizes

TYR Kickboards are available in 2 sizes, for larger and smaller students. The Junior Size (15”L x 10”W) showcases a smaller design to decrease the impact that using a kickboards can have on one’s shoulders. It was specifically designed for children and smaller swimmers. The Full Size (21”L x 12”W) works best with older students and adults, who are better able to hold on to the kickboards without straining their shoulders.

TYR Kickboard Options

TYR Kickboards are available in the following options:

  • Junior, 15”L x 10”W
  • Full-Size, 21”L, x 12”W
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