U.S. Divers® Vision Goggles

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Premium goggles with latex-free band and gaskets.

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Outfit your entire class with sets of comfortable, shatter-proof goggles that have anti-fogging technology to ensure constant clear vision. An adjustable nose bridge makes the goggles flexible and ensures students of all sizes will be able to customize their pair for a more comfortable fit.

High-End Goggles

This is a truly high-end set of goggles, with a variety of features built into enhance comfort and visibility. The lenses are shatterproof, meaning you’ll never have to worry about them breaking when you dive into the water. Anti-fog and UV protection ensure constant clear visibility for use both indoors and out. Latex-free gaskets not only provide a comfortable fit on students’ faces, but also prevent the goggles from filling up with water and causing discomfort. An adjustable nose bridge also helps students find the perfect fit for their face, while also providing better overall flexibility.

Overall, these goggle represent a step up from our Classic goggles, thanks to their flexibility and improved lenses. Goggles are available individually or full sets of 24 so teachers can equip an entire class.

U.S. Divers® Vision Goggle Options

U.S. Divers® Vision Goggles are available in a set. Individual goggles also sold separately.

  • Set of 24 Goggles
  • Individual Goggles