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Classic Goggles
Robic® 6" LED Up/Down Timer
Water Games Tube
Fiberglass Stackable Benches
Oslo Silver 60 Stopwatch
TYR® Aqua Belt
TYR Aqua Dumbbells
Ring Buoys

Ring Buoys

TYR Team Sprint Swim Goggles
TYR Vesi Swim Goggles
TYR Aqua Resistance Planes
TYR Silicone Swim Caps
TYR EBP Burner Swim Fins
TYR Ultralight Snorkel 2.0
TYR Long Hair Silicone Swim Caps
TYR Aqua Resistance Gloves
TYR Black Hawk Racing Swim Goggles
TYR Ergo Swim Nose Clip
TYR Big Mesh Mummy Swim Backpack
TYR Qualifier Kids Swim Goggles
TYR Swim Ear Plugs
TYR Youth Swim Ear Plugs
TYR Swim Fin Boots
TYR Swimple Kids Swim Goggles

Shop for a variety of school swimming equipment from Gopher Sport!

Swimming classes and teams require gear that keeps pace with them lap after lap. Gopher’s products for swim training and water fitness endure repetitive use by students of all ages and skill levels.

Swim goggles, fins, and masks protect users from injury while improving strength and technique in the water. Stopwatches and timers track progress and performance for more competitive swimmers, like those on high school teams. For leisure swimming in gym or aquatic classes, pool games promote physical fitness that swimmers of all ages can enjoy.

For lifeguards and coaches, pool safety equipment supports security and safety for all swimmers. When it comes to maintenance, poolside storage equipment preserves swimming gear for the next class or session.

Shop for swimming gear from Gopher!