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TYR Crossblade Training Swim Fins
U.S. Divers Pronto Goggles
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TYR EBP Burner Swim Fins
TYR Swim Fin Boots

TYR Swim Fin Boots

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Shop for goggles, fins, and masks from Gopher Sport to encourage proper technique during swimming units!

It’s important to for physical education teachers and coaches to supply students with the gear they need to swim efficiently in the water. Gopher’s assortment of swimming equipment gets students of all swimming skill levels ready for the water.

Supply students with the goggles they need to see clearly underwater. They are available in multiple levels, from beginner to advanced, to meet the needs of your class or swim team. When it comes to PE units or swimming lessons, our packs of 12 or 24 goggles are a convenient option for quick distribution. For swim teams, our large assortment of individual goggles allows swimmers to choose the options that work best for their needs.

Bring the joy of snorkeling into PE classes with snorkeling packs. Silicone face skirts and latex-free masks are comfortable for multiple ages, while the dry-top snorkels keep water out. Toss equipment in a duffel bag and carry to the pool or storage closet!

Let students and swimmers paddle and gain lower body muscle while using swim fins. Fins improve cadence and overall endurance with several sizes for X-Small to X-Large feet. Bright colors allow for easy tracking during events and storage.

Purchase swim equipment from Gopher for your class or team!

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