Gopher Advantage 500™ Table Tennis Net


A competition-quality net and post set!

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Table tennis is a familiar game found in basements and rec rooms everywhere. Now you can bring it to your gym class as well, thanks in part to this high-quality table tennis net! A premium 70” slip-on net with steel posts and a simple one-piece clamp system make this a favorite net system for table tennis competitions nationwide.

Competition Quality Net

There’s a reason why this net is commonly found at competitions; it’s built to last, and is easy to set up. A simple one-piece clamp system locks it into place on the table and tightens or loosens with a twist of the knob. The premium 72” cotton-blend net is made for lasting durability, so it can withstand hit after hit while returning to its original shape. An upgraded cord suspension system allows students to quickly and easily adjust the net to their desired tension level. The tension cord runs through the top white marking strip on the net from post to post, then down into the hollowed out post. Once the post is inserted to the post holder, that cord is locked into place. The net measures 72” long and 6” high.

Durable Steel Posts

Included in the set are heavy-duty steel posts that have the dual benefit of holding the tension cord and keeping the net in place. These posts are hollow, and have a smaller steel pole that slides through the open end of the net. Once this smaller pole is in place, the outside portion of the post slides over the top. The final step is to take this now-assembled post and put it in the post holder on the clamp system, locking the net and tension cord into place. 

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